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What / who is NowUCme

NowUCme helps companies with all kinds of budgets, in the development of fashionable eyewear collections or individual models, which are both wearable and highly on trend whilst taking into account your company culture. A highly personal approach, combined with an extensive international network and feel for the product, enable me to help you with the creative growth of your company and together we can strive for a good synergy between coloration, charisma and commercial success.

Our eyewear designs

Whether you want an individual, custom made frame, which represents your company or a full blown range of innovative and exciting models, I can help you. No job is too small, or too big.

Passion for eyewear

I ♥ Eyewear

Eyewear is a fashion statement and fashion is something which has made my heart sing ever since I was a little girl.

10 years experience

After 10 years creating unique, funky eyewear collections, I can give you all my expertise and experience in the areas of profiling, sizing and coloration of eyewear collections. I know how it works and where to get what you want.

Who is Pascale Cowe

I am a spontaneous, creative woman with more then 10 years experience in the eyewear branch. I have built up an extensive range of professional suppliers and their clients within the eyewear branch. I know what sells; from the novice to the die-hard eyewear user. I have a unique feeling for colour, form and size and how these elements should be combined to achieve the optimal result. I speak the "language" of the producers and can easily bring over the essence of a concept to achieve a top result.

The saying goes : What you see is what you get. However, in this case what you see is a middle-aged, slightly overweight woman. What you get is: passion, creativity, knowledge, flexibility, and an enormous love for our product.

Don’t take me at face value; look a little bit deeper and NOW you see ME making your customers see YOU!

Our eyewear collections

….are your eyewear collections! nowUCme serves its clients. In-depth consultations with the client and research into their style and wishes, ensure that nowUCme can create the appropriate image for the collection.

My sources of inspiration



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